What is a musical saw?
Ralph Stövesandt – Singende SägeA musical saw is a musical instrument. It is generally played with the player in a seated position holding the saw on the knees or legs. The blade of the saw is lightly bent into an S-shape and a bow or beater is used at the correct point to make the saw vibrate. Like normal do-it-yourself store (DIY) saws, musical saws are made of rolled spring steel. Musical saws are usually produced in the same factories where conventional saws and similar products are made.

Musical saws have been specifically produced and sold as such since the 1920s. The origins of 'sawing' (Ralph Stövesandt's tongue-in-cheek term for the art of playing the musical saw) can be traced back to around 1880/1890 (see Historical Information).

Musical saws can be found with and without teeth. Great! But even saws with teeth can't be used for actually sawing wood because they are not 'set' (the term used to describe a slight flare to right and left that enables the saw to cut without sticking). The teeth on a musical saw are for decoration only.

Ralph Stövesandt has dedicated himself to building saws specifically for musical purposes. Since 2010 all his saws have been without teeth, which has a positive effect on the tone of the saw (see Saw Design and Saws for Sale).

Conventional DIY saws have only limited musical potential
(see FAQs)!

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