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Kursteilnehmer Singende Säge

Ralph Stövesandt – Singende SägeCourses with Ralph Stövesandt are easy-going and relaxed – but also full of information and hands-on experience.
Participants visibly enjoy the course, discovering plenty of interesting facts about the history of the musical saw and quickly understanding what makes 'sawing' so special.

Practical tips and exercises produce the basic tones - first with the fingers, later, with a bow to produce the characteristic sound of the musical saw. Participants practice for a while, guided by Ralph, before they try their hand at 'Name That Tune'. An entertaining conclusion to the course - and proof that laughter is the best medicine!

Kursteilnehmer Singende SägeInterested in finding out more?
Come along to a course and have some fun!

By the way: if you are interested in one-to-one lessons, please contact Ralph Stövesandt.