Was ist eine Singende Säge?

Frage 1Do you play a normal builder's-market saw?
No, a musical saw is a musical instrument. My saw has no teeth and can't be used for normal sawing.
It is possible to find musical saws with teeth, but the teeth are not 'set' or tempered and are only for decorative purposes! They have a minor influence on the tone of the saw (see Saw Design and Saws for Sale).

Frage 2Is it possible to play on a normal DIY-store saw?
In general, yes. However, the range of a conventional saw is usually limited because of the length of the saw. But there are exceptions that break the rule. Some saw manufacturers in the USA produce conventional saws that are much in demand among saw players.

Conventional DIY-store saws are usually only available in short lengths (max. 650 mm). But be careful - there are enormous variations between saws, and not every DIY saw produces a good tone! (And don't forget to be careful of your clothes and have a few plasters at hand if you decide to test out saws in your local builder's market.)

Musical saws, on the other hand, start at blade lengths of around 650 mm. As described above, they can be found with and without teeth. For more information (see Saw Design and Saws for Sale.
Ralph Stövesandt in a DIY store
A rather different way
of testing crosscut saws:
Ralph Stövesandt in a DIY store.

Frage 3How long does it take to learn to play the musical saw?
How long does it take to learn to drive? ; ) As we all know, there are many factors that play a role—both in learning to drive and in playing the saw. Interest is definitely the biggest key to success. If you're interested in something you invest time in it, without always counting up how much. And if you have enthusiasm and, ideally, a little talent as well, the only way is up!

Frage 4What makes people start playing the musical saw?
There are quite a few answers to this one. Some people are already musicians (often string players like cellists, but also singers). Others just like the sound of the saw and give it a go (see Courses). Ralph Stövesandt himself was inspired by watching the film 'Delicatessen' (France 1991).

Frage 5Do I need any advance knowledge?
Well, it certainly does no harm - but that doesn't mean it's essential for your success! People are all different, and so are their skills and talents. Playing the saw is primarily an intuitive process in which the melody is created by bending the saw blade in the 'right' way (see/listen to the WDR audio clip). Anyone that can whistle a tune has the potential to play it on a musical saw—it's just a matter of practice!