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Ralph Stövesandt, born 1966, is a self-taught musician. He started playing guitar and trombone at the age of 12 and has been playing the musical saw since 1998.

His career has included:

  • Recording advertising jingles for TV channel VOX, 2001 (Listen)
  • Guest appearance on "Was bin ich?" (What's My Line) as professional musical saw player, 2004
  • Recordings with Sons of the Desert, 2005
  • Musical saw workshops since 2006
  • Recording of "Seejungfrauenmelodie" (Mermaid Melody) for the audio book "Der König hat gelacht" (The King Laughed) with Quadro Nuevo, 2009
  • Freelance artist since 2008.
Horchundschau – Führung & Singende Säge: Sebastian Karl und Ralph Stövesandt

» – City Tours and Musical Saws« with Sebastian Karl and Ralph Stövesandt
Ralph Stövesandt dedicates himself to delighting audiences with his musical saw playing. He has an extensive repertoire spanning classical, jazz and free improvisation, which enables him to respond immediately to his audience.

Ralph and his musical saw have appeared in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and New York. He can be heard most often in his home town of Würzburg in Germany. Here he joined forces with tour guide Sebastian Karl in 2005 to create the project 'City Tours and Musical Saws'. (