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Musical Saws
Singende Säge mit Griff aus Kirsche, ab 133,– Singende Säge mit Griff aus Ahorn, ab 133,–
Figured Sycamore
Santos Rosewood
Singende Säge aus Olivenholz, ab 145,– €   Singende Säge mit Griff aus Santos-Palisanderholz ab 145,– Makassar-Griff
Singende Sägen mit Griffen aus besonderen Hölzern. Preise auf Anfrage Kleine Singende Säge, Länge 550 mm  
Special Woods
Small Musical Saw
Reinigungs- und Pflegeset, bestehend aus Öl, Tuch, Kolofon, Banktasche Violinbogen 4/4 mit Hülle  
Care Sets

Various models of musical saws (here abbreviated as MSaws) in different shapes and appearances are available. Some have teeth and the characteristic handle of cross-cut saws, so that they are very close to conventional saws - at least visually!
Some saws have teeth on part of the blade . usually around 20 - 30 cm at the centre of its length. Some saws have no teeth. Opinions on this point are divided. But why? you may ask. One reason is the look of the saw. Can a MSaw without teeth make the same visual impact as a saw with teeth?
Like so much in life, it's all a matter of opinion. MSaws are usually made of rolled tempered spring steel - and usually come from a saw factory.

Ralph Stövesandt's Musical Saws:
Ralph Stövesandt has devoted himself to the musical saw since 1998. He has tried out many different models since that time (and still does!). In 2002 he ordered a saw to be made to his specifications concerning tone and playability. This saw was Model S1 (formerly "1924 S", inspired by his very first musical saw, which he bought from a saw player in 1998. The saw player claimed the saw was from England and was made in the 1920s.)
Originally with teeth, his saws developed over time into 'toothless' instruments as he dropped the teeth to produce a better tone. (A decision much welcomed by his trousers!)
After several years of playing the saw, he decided to design an additional handle at the narrow end of the saw which can be slotted or – since 2008 – screwed onto the saw. This invention significantly eases the strain on the thumbs! (Try it out!)

When you buy a Stövesandt Saw, you are buying a musical instrument!
These musical saws are not produced in a saw factory, but created specifically for making music! The standard S1 model has a special handle which fits comfortably against the leg.
Stövesandt Saws have been toothless since 2008. They are usually sold as a set comprising not only the saw itself, but also the required accessories: one musical saw, one bow (viola), one additional handle for the end of the blade, rosin, cleaning kit and storage/carry case.

Technical Data (standard size):
Blade thickness: 0,04 inches (0,9 mm)
Saw Length: 37,8 inches (960 mm), blade length 760 mm
Since April 2015, the model is called »S15« and has a range of Eb1–Bb3

** exception: the bows and bags are not made in germany.

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